Float Switches: Small Investment, Big Savings!

Labor Day is coming up, which means lots of Americans are traveling for the weekend. Let’s say you’re one of the millions of Americans traveling this weekend for some family fun, how do you want your weekend to end? Nobody ever says ‘boy, I hope I come home to a flooded house with plenty of water damage’ but it is going to happen. It’s like the old saying goes “in life there are only three guarantees: death, taxes, and water damage.” I’m pretty sure that’s how that goes.

Anyway, what I always recommend when it comes to water damage is avoiding it – I know, I’m a pretty smart guy (which is I guess why my wife is always calling me “genius”). There are plenty of things a homeowner can do to prevent water damage while away such as turning the water off at the street and draining the water heater. But something I’ve seen far too much of is water damaged caused by the air conditioner.

Ya see, when your air conditioner is transferring heat, it is taking moisture out of your house too, which is why your air conditioner has a drain line. The drain line usually has a steady trickle of water draining outside as your air conditioner cools the temperature in your house, taking moisture out of the air. But problems can result from this because of our good friend, algae. Inevitably, your AC drain line will accumulate with algae and gunk. When this builds up enough, it will block the water in your drain line from draining. So where does the water go? Some place else, you guessed it! I find that one of the laws of water is that it will never go uphill, unless your most expensive belongings are uphill and then water will find a way.

Luckily for us there’s a solution, and while it won’t close the windows you forgot about, it will stop your air conditioner from flooding your house! I’m talking about the handy-dandy float switch! Float switches are placed either in a pan, or in the drain line itself. When your system experiences a backup, the float will rise and then disrupt the 24-volt connection from the thermostat which results in your unit turning off, preventing water damage!

We sell two different types of float switches at Allied Mechanical for just a low price of $85. $85 is nothing compared to your insurance deductible. If you don’t have a float switch on your AC system, you need one, and you need it expertly installed. So, the next time you vacation, go with confidence, knowing your float switch has your back. And hey, genius, remember to close the windows too!