Operation Rally Point

Are you a service member preparing to transition into the civilian world? Or, maybe you are struggling after your term has ended. Whatever your situation is, Operation Rally Point wants to help. We offer various programs to help veterans prepare for civilian life. Operation Rally Point is assembling a coalition to aid brave soldiers who’ve sacrificed so much for our nation.


Operation Rally Point’s curriculum is designed to prepare veterans for civilian life. From simple courses on writing resumes and handling interviews to high-risk interventions of addiction, homelessness, and suicide. Our committed staff conducts detailed interviews to figure out which program can benefit each person individually. Operation Rally Point also maintains a directory of other organizations with resources available to veterans.
Military packs stacked on top of each other.


Many of the courses Operation Rally Point offers are modular. The non-profit also offer more comprehensive programs, such as its in-residence program for homeless veterans, which provides them a home for one year while they attend classes, and find paid work. Their courses are designed to get them conventional certifications, prepare them for the workforce, and develop responsible habits to prepare them for a successful life as part of a proud community of veterans. All veterans are welcome to attend courses on financial planning or finding employment. These classes are taught by people with expertise, with the specific goal of teaching their veterans specifically what they look for in employees.

Homeless person sitting on a bench.


It’s heartbreaking to consider how many of our countries best and brightest are struggling, not just to succeed, but to survive. It’s a problem that seems so vast that simply finding a productive way to help can seem like an insurmountable task. That’s why Operation Rally Point has worked hard to ensure that contributing to life-changing programs for veterans has never been easier; through your tax deductible donation or volunteer efforts, you can do something substantive for America’s veterans right now.
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As a donor, you are part of a service to veterans in need, and your donation is always tax-deductable. Monetary donations provide us the flexibility to achieve our goals efficiently and fill any gaps in our resource chain. We are constantly looking for new resources to expand our development, and create new ways for our donors to give conveniently.

Teenage Girl Donating Groceries

Operation Rally Point is continually in need of supplies to bring homeless veterans to the area. Non-perishable food items, gently used warm clothing, new packages of cooks, and gift cards are items we distribute most often. If you have any of these or any other items that you think we may be able to use in serving at-risk, and homeless veterans, please contact us for pickup. You will receive a paper receipt showing proof of your tax-deductible donation.

Staff serving food at homeless shelter

Operation Rally Point has placed a tremendous amount of emphasis on helping connect people who want to support veterans with the means to do so. We have a variety of ways for people to get involved in helping veterans. Among the greatest assets Operation Rally Point can bring to beat against the myriad troubles facing veterans, is the community.